A 5 day mini series

28 Feb -4 March 22

Health on Tap

Lose weight and boost your wellbeing - no willpower required.

Join the mini series for £100 today.


This FIVE day mini series is designed for the eternally frustrated woman who is READY to stop eating crap, and sort out her health (FOR GOOD THIS TIME), without having to rely on 'will power'..

For just £100, you'll have 45 mins of live tapping, every day for 5 days.

Lets see how frickin better you can feel!

The live videos will be in a private Facebook Group every day at 9.30am.

This is not for you if...

You've got a total grip on your eating patterns.

You're able to choose well, and love eating everything without any guilt or shame.

You're able to change your habits if you want to.

You're happy with everything right now - hurrah!

This IS for you if...

You've realised that when it comes to food, willpower is just NOT a thing.

You are starting to realise that there's probably some emotional reasons for the way you eat and want help figuring that out.

You KNOW exactly what you need to change, but want help breaking old habits

You've started to change things (yay!) and want support to REALLY cement it in.

I just had to share - yesterday I actually reversed out of the McDonalds drive through! I caught my old familiar thoughts of 'I'll just get small fries' and then said NO! I realised I didn't actually want them, and drove away laughing to myself! Louisa, you are a magician, thank you so much. — Vikki, Bradford.

This five day mini series is for real life grown ups, who are TOTALLY aware that they're not looking after themselves properly.

You KNOW full well how to 'eat well' but just can't seem to put it into place. (wtf is that about?!)

You know ALL of the things you should be doing, but struggle to find the time and the energy to change easy old routines.

You are TOTALLY aware that what you're currently eating is making you feel even worse, but can't bear the thought of having to 'go on a diet'

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It's your turn to feel amazing.

Here's what we'll be covering in this mini series

Releasing cravings

Stopping them in their tracks, even when they're SCREAMING at you.

Breaking old habits

And sending them on their way.

Choosing well

It's your life, your body. You get to choose how you treat it.

Cementing in new habits

Putting everything into place and making sure it sticks - no willpower required!

Meet Louisa.

I am no stranger to wonky eating habits. I have been searching for the reasons WHY I can't change, yet other people around me can. It's been driving me bonkers (and also it's sent me into a bit of a shame spiral) wondering why I'm a fully grown up adult, yet to date have not been able to 'Sort. It. Out.'

That is, until now.

I've figured out my own unique method to understanding why I haven't got any willpower when it comes to evening snacking (that's the polite version). Why I can't just 'choose' better. The reasons have been staring me in the face. And now I want to share them with you.

I'm not a nutritionist. I'm not a dietician. I'm not going to be teaching you WHAT to eat. I'm not going to suggest that you replace your spaghetti with courgetti. (gimme a break!)

What I am going to do, is explain to you WHY you eat the way you do. I'm going to let you figure out EXACTLY what's stopping you from making your own changes. And for you to create the eating habits you've wanted for years. It's going to be lightbulb central! And I can't wait!

Time for a different approach.

Join Health on Tap now. You're the grown up. You get to choose.


This is the THIRD time I've run this mini series.

Here's what the last intake had to say....

"I've just weighed myself and I've lost 13lbs! After doing BOTH mini-series, I'm back in my smaller jeans - thank you so so much"

Lisa, Notts.

There is half opened chocolate and biscuits all over the place- don’t want it!! I honestly can’t tell you the last time this would have happened. It truly is life changing  🥰. Thank you so so much.

 Sarah, Lincs.

I didn't have something sweet with my tea last night, didn't need it - that NEVER happens!

Maria, Reading

"I just found a bag of chocolate chips hidden in the kitchen - so typical of me - and I don't want them! These behaviours have taken over my life for so long. I can’t believe how differently I feel now."

Elsie, Manchester

"I actually reversed out of McDonalds drive through yesterday - WTAF!!"

Vicki, Yorkshire

"There is a half eaten chocolate bar in my bag - that has NEVER happened before"

Tessa, Devon

"Your witchery has made me totally go off chocolate! I keep opening the cupboard, and then eating a banana instead!"

Emma, Sheffield

"I just feel so much lighter"

Liz, London

"I'm just not thinking about food as much"

Lauren, Cambs.

"I noticed yesterday that I'm eating much slower, and didn't finish my meal - I was full!"

Beckie, Birmingham

Let's sort this shit out once and for all.

Join Health on Tap for £100 today.

"Since working together, I have felt so much clearer, calmer and happier than I have in a really long time. Thank you Louisa!"

- Loredana, London

"Literally every part of my life is different now, and I cannot thank you enough."

- Becci, Northants

"Working with you has enabled me to move on from a multitude of self destructive, deep rooted thoughts and beliefs, which previously I didn't feel was possible ."

- Pip, Leicester