No skill, no technique, no drama.

Just tap.


Heard great things about tapping?

Worried about getting it wrong? No idea what to say? Think you're tapping on the wrong bits? Feels weird and stupid?

Well, welcome!! This five video Crappy Tapping challenge, is for you.


You are literally challenged to just do 5 minutes of tapping a day. You'll have access to five videos. And all you do, is just tap. However you do it.


The whole point of this, is to just get you tapping. So, it's supposed to be absolutely dreadful. No skill, no technique required. No training. Just a willingness to try

What can tapping help with?

Anxiety, stress and overwhelm

Procrastination, overthinking and indecision

Anger, rage and panic

And so, so, much more.

By tapping every day, you're taking charge of your own nervous system. You know the fight or flight thing right? Basically, tapping overrides that automatic response. It calms your nervous system. It calms you. It helps you to think clearly. It changes your brain. It changes you.

Hi, I'm Louisa

The creator of Crappy Tapping . I've been working with EFT (tapping) for almost 5 years now, and have seen the most incredible things happen for both me, AND my clients.

And I want you to experience it too. AND I know that people don't tap BECAUSE they don't know what to do, or what to say - so I've created Crappy Tapping , just to get you over that! To get you in the groove. To reassure you that things don't have to be perfect, for you to try.

So, this 5 day challenge is just that. Totally Crap. Click the link below - you'll be given access to the videos upon receipt.

There's no prize for the 'best tapper'. There's no prizes for getting it right. The whole point is to just do it. I can't wait!


Those that love tapping with me have said...

Since working together, I have felt so much clearer, calmer and happier than I have in a really long time. Thank you Louisa! Loredana, London

“I feel like a completely different person - and I feel amazing!" Becci, Northants

By learning how to tap, I no longer experience the tight racketball of stress that I used to feel after client sessions." Sabrina, London

After just one session, I feel so much lighter - like all my stress has just dissolved - Sarah, Cardiff

I can't believe how differently I feel now! Vicki, Bradford

Tapping has helped me face my demons, and tell them to fu*k off! Pip, Leics.

Since I found you, and tapping, I feel I've finally moved. This is huge, honestly. Monumental!. Hayley, Lincs.